Securing funds can be challenging for a 1099 employee or independent contractor with inconsistent income. Traditional lenders often require extensive paperwork, healthy credit scores, and a lengthy application process that can take weeks or even months to complete. Fortunately, merchant cash advances offer a viable alternative for individuals in need of fast access to capital.

At Bankerr, we understand and are committed to providing tailored funding solutions to meet the needs of consultants, food delivery professionals, freelancers, gig workers, micro business owners, Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, and other self-employed individuals.

Our merchant cash advance program is designed to provide flexible funding options to 1099 workers and independent contractors. Whether you’re looking to expand your services, cover unexpected expenses, or simply improve cash flow, we offer a range of options that can help you achieve your goals. With our merchant cash advance program, you can access funds quickly and easily, without the hassle and time-consuming process of traditional lending.

One of the biggest advantages of Bankerr’s merchant cash advance program is its flexibility. We work with you to determine a repayment plan that fits your unique needs and budget, ensuring that you can repay the advance on your terms.

At Bankerr, we’re committed to helping independent contractors and self-employed business owners achieve their financial goals. Allow us to help you succeed with our flexible, fast, alternative funding options.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you access the quick cash you need to grow and thrive.


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We understand the value of every dollar earned and spent. That’s why Bankerr provides crucial funding to independent contractors, from the novice driver to expert freelancer.

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We advocate for the self-employed visionary who hustles day and night. We respect your ambition and drive to succeed. Our funding service affords microbusinesses and gig workers’ financial stability when they need it most.

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Your success is a testament to your vision, hard work, and determination. Bankerr’s commitment to self-employed individuals helps transform dreams to reality.